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Today on The Gay Gab it's all about porn studs announcing they quit porn only to wait 2 or three months to film their next hot-n-sweaty bum fuck session with gay porn's next big thing. How annoying is that?

Case in point Malachi Marx. This stud has been retiring from porn since last year. The first time it was to take care of his children. (Yes, this fella's got kids!) Another time where he announced one last "sucking session" with Roman Todd and then again in another "one-off" appearance with some other porn stud. Now he has gone back to his cock sucking, butt fucking ways and has done a scene with insatiable bottom boy Eric Pryor for Randy Blue.

Now one has to question why he keeps telling everyone he is retiring when it is clear that he seems to be busier than ever when it cums to gay porn. I mean, I know it's good to try and get a buzz about retiring to generate some interest in your career but this is just pushing it. Lucky for Malachi, he is hot as hell and can pretty much get away with anything but he better watch it or it will be the case of the boy that cried cock a tad too early!

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