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When it cums to cocks in the gay porn world.. well... we could write an entire book about them; however today at Gaydemon we will be taking a look at the top 3 hunks with the hottest cocks in the biz right now.

Where to begin? It is quite a daunting task to pick, but there are 3 studs that cum to mind when you are talking about deliciously suckable cocks, so lets get this party started!

1. Rafael Carreras: Yes, our top stud is none other than this Latin sex bomb with a massive 10 inch cock that will make any man's mouth water! This Cuban-born hottie has made a HUGE return to gay porn, working with LucasEntertainment after several years away. This hot papi is so in demand that he has had his own dick cast for a dildo. Talk about a CUM-BACK!

2. Tim Kruger: This German porn star has taken the gay porn world by storm with his massive, throbbing cock. Tim's deep horny stare, long lean body and the fact that he can fuck for hours on end have made him the guy everyone wants deep inside them. He's worked with the big name studios like, Cazzo Films and Bulldog Pit. Tim has made it big in both European and American markets, yes, his cock has massive universal appeal!

3. Arpad Miklos: This hairy hunk just oozes sex just like his cock oozes jizz! The amazing thing about Arpad is that his huge cock is just as hot as his bubble butt! He really does have the whole package! This 43 year old fella has been in countless movies, has banged more ass than he can count, and of course he has opened his backdoor to a select few. That alone is reason enough for him to be on this list!

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