i might be gay

Today on GayDemon we'll be taking a look at an actor that has decided that gay is the way to go if he is to get any credibility as a "serious" actor; this has turned some on while most were just annoyed.

Over the past couple of months James Franco has been on a mission to confuse everyone out there by playing gay roles in movies, then dragging it up in a photo spread for Candy Magazine, making out with himself and most recently telling Entertainment Weekly that he might like a cock or two knocking on his back door. (Well, not in so many words!)

The magazine asked why he kept on playing gay roles (the movie he just wrapped up will be his third) and he answered: "Maybe I'm gay." Then he went on to explain that he was interested in these roles for more than just the man-on-man action, he was also interested in the complexity of the characters and that he loved to push himself as an actor. However, I am not truly convinced it's his acting he likes to push up against other male actors.

To me this sounds like a a load of bullshit, and the fact that James Franco is playing the "I might be gay" card to gain credibility as an actor is just beyond annoying! There are thousands of guys out there that suck cock in movies and none of them are holding out for an Oscar.

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