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Recently we have been bombarded with straight male pop singers pushing their nipples (Shayne Ward on GayTimes) or their peachy bare asses (McFly On Attitude Magazine) in our faces, teasing us that while we may never get a chance to fuck around with them we can at least get their latest single and fork out our hard earned cash for these cock teasing fellas.

On the one hand I cannot hate on hot male celeb singers taking off their clothes, turning on their "headlights" for us gays cos let's face it, we wanna see them all wet, naked and aroused but the other part of me feels annoyed that they get all the benefits of the gay love without actually taking it up the ass!

the gay gab pop stars & cock.jpg

I think it's cool that they are "down with the homos" and say in interviews they have loads of gay friends and don't care if people think they are gay, but I have to say if they are going to play it up for us queers then we better get better music from these fellas cos the only thing hot about them are their tight tuchas and nipples that can cut ice!

For now let us enjoy the mags, videos and pictures - just don't forget your earplugs!

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