The Fixed Gear

The Fixed Gear is a cycling enthusiast's small rather simple bible and for those who may not know as much about the sport, it is an essential tool for understand the events, the sport itself and what goes into it. Of course, for our purposes, there are pictures of incredibly good-looking guys wearing those shorts which bulge at absolutely all the right places. Including the middle, let me hasten to add. Indeed, the middle bulges allow for some solid peeks at the hardware - or, in these cases mostly "software" - that adorn these world-class studs. There has always been something about skin tight Lycra shorts and those brief little shirts which have moved those who like a well-turned male body and, believe me, there is nothing in this blog to move us in any other direction. In fact, these are pictures of the best of the best, with some studly hard-muscled candy thrown in, sweet and arousing as crap. See what you think about the 1,000 meter guys and then say these dudes are not hot. More like American football linebackers than sleek distance cyclists? I'm in!

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