The Filthy Critic is a "no-holds-barred" movie review blog. Ms. Filthy is your host reviewer and "he" holds nothing back. A true look into some of today's hottest and most popular movies is what you'll get. Ms. Filthy doesn't seem to be too worried about what others think of him that's for sure. LOL. He's only there to tell you what he truly thinks. You can't knock a person for that. Rating's are done in an interesting way. From 1 finger to 5 fingers. A 1 finger rating being expressed by a real hand giving out the "bird". You know, the middle finger? LOL. Gotta love that kind of sense of humour. What makes Ms. Filthy's reviews more interesting than your average blubber is that he even gets into the details of the whereabouts of the movie's locale and how they were acquired for the shooting. Check out "The Amityville Horror" and get some great information on that old scary house and the folks that actually lived in it before they sold it to the movie folks. Yeah, Ms. Filthy may just save you a few bucks the next time you want to see that over-rated blockbuster the trailers are trying to get you to go to. Or then again, he may just inspire you to check out the film that doesn't look so fantastic in the trailer but may just be one of the best features you've ever seen. Truthful and insightful. You really can't knock a person for that.

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