Sexy Man in Suit

For the past several months Men at Play has been putting out the call for models. If you read any of the U.K. gay magazines, you've likely seen their ads. And the response has been tremendous. This week, Men at Play unveiled the first of three finalists. Marco Wilson certainly is a sexy hunk. Good looking with dreamy eyes, a carefully trimmed beard, and topped off with a delicious pair of kissable lips. He starts off his photo shoot suited up and looking all proper and business like. Then he loosens the tie, slips off the trousers, and does some more posing. I don't know why a man looks so sexy in knee-high socks, but Marco is definitely turning on all my circuits. But when he finally fishes out his big, meaty cock and lets it hang pendulously between his legs, I'm looking for the "vote now" button. But I suppose I should wait for the other finalists before casting my vote, there could be bigger and harder things coming down the pipe. I'll keep you posted.

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