I don't have a lot of time to sit around and discuss the intrinsic value of this post-post-modern video of someone turning the pages of Jennifer Yatrofosky's new nudie picture book "i <3 boys" as I am too busy planning a trip to the summit of the Ural Mountains to teach a class on how filming a video of a nudie picture book will alter the artistic landscape for at least, what, the next billion years.

It's true! Why look at a picture book (from the very talented Ms. Yatrofosky) when you can actually see a slightly grainy interpretation of her photography in a video on the tube site Vimeo? It's fucking genius! In fact, it is so many light years ahead of you, me and the 7-11 at the end of the street on the corner, the only way I feel you will truly understand its bigness is to watch it in its entirety at the top of a mountain peak in a country you probably can't spell or locate on a map. That's how big it is! And that's why it'll take years before anyone is able to say what it all means! (Or before they find us frozen to death in some ice cave.)

i heart boy by J Yatrofsky from powerHouse Books on Vimeo.

(Via: AKAWilliam.com)

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