Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Internet porn got off to an exciting start. Anyone could create their own site, so you could find any fetish and any act - but internet connections were slow. All sorts of gay sites started cropping up, and soon some of the site owners developed companies. Sites like Mount Equinox, Totally Men and Oh Boys started to crop up. It was the beginning of corporate porn - porn sites that weren't being put up because someone had a love of the content. These sites were being made to make money. Sure, there were sites out there like Straightguys CA that the owners didn't do much with but they still had down and dirty original content.

And don't get me wrong. Shooting and buying porn isn't free. Sites should make money. But there's a difference between a guys who want to make money putting up content that turns them on and a company where the primary goal is to put up as many sites as possible to make as much money as possible. Even then, if the content is good, I don't claim that I'll magically know the difference. A good site is a good site.

But most of the sites I see license content that most of us have seen and then throw up a site around it using a designer to do the design and text. You can usually tell those sites because the tours often sparkle - they're professional, colorful and sexy - but the member area looks like someone phoned it in. Once sites have gotten guys to join, they do usually deliver the goods, but gone are the professional graphics, the beautiful pages and tempting layouts.


And then came the next step. Straight guy/college guy sites. Now, I like college cock as much as the next person, but seems like all the guys on these sites are starting to look the same. The guys are very similar in body type, hair and sometimes even facial features. There are times when I'm watching a video and can't remember what site I'm on. Luckily even within the niche, there are sites that stand out - sites like Fratmen, Maskurbate and Epic Men.

The latest craze seems to be to hire a group of models for a week, then shoot them fucking in different groupings till you have 4 or 5 small sites' worth of content. You can join a site and you'll see the same models in all the bonus sites. On the one hand, if you have favorites, that's a good thing. Sites like Ass Toying and No Condom Zone share the same models. If you like 'em, you're on a roll. If you prefer variety, you're going to be disappointed, because you get access to 5 sites featuring the same guys.


I guess that's why porn review sites are so popular. There's a lot to know about gay porn sites that you just can't tell from the tour. Sure, there are clues on some of the sites, but some look great while only offering us average porn.

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