doctor fucks his patient

I don't know about you, but my doctor is hot. And I've thought on more than one occassion that it'd be a lot of fun to get boned by him. Damien Crosse is living out my fantasy on Men at Play. He's bend over the examination room table and his doctor, Neil Stevens, is doing a little anal exam. But this rectal exam goes a little beyond a couple of fingers, okay it goes a LOT beyond a couple of fingers. Dr. Stevens warms Crosse up with his fingers, and then, he brings out a dildo and slides it in deep. Damien isn't expecting this, so it's a little rough at first. But he just grips the edges of the padded exam table and enjoys the fuck. The doctor is hitting all the right spots, and it isn't long before Damien jerks off a load of spunk all over the exam table. But it's not ending here. The doctor doesn't care that Damien has spent his wad, so he flips Damien over, hoists his legs in the air, and slides a real cock into Damien's ass. He drills Damien hard and shoots his load, and all this without even taking off his clothes. The doctor just totally unzips his fly and fucks his patient with his stiff cock. What a pig!

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