The Dirty Jockstrap

No prizes for guessing what The Dirty Jockstrap is all about. Yup, a place for guys into: jockstraps, hot athletes, with solo studs and hardcore guys having hot gay sex in athletic gear. Yum, yum. The blog has an interesting look with a semi-transparent central column that floats over the slightly busy background, and you need to scroll down just a little to get past the top adverts. But then you are off and running, getting sweaty in your own jockstrap, as you browse the pics and brief comments. You can make your own comments too, like things, socially network them and so on; this is an interactive and free blog to check out. And, whether the images or videos come from commercial adult sites, news channels or amateur places, they all have a jock element to them. There's a search engine you can use and a poll running. There are also plenty of adverts and even these stay with the jockstrap theme.

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