With the massively growing library of online amateur porn offered by countless websites, I begin to wonder if the adult DVD market will whither and die sooner than later. Take a walk down Amnesia Lane with me and let's consider the porn rental market prior to the Internet's takeover..

I recall adult video stores with gigantic VHS cover-boxes. I recall high rental prices, and ridiculous sale prices. Remember when it cost $60 or $70 to buy one porn movie on a crappy VHS tape? Those were the days, huh (not)? As time wore on, tapes got marked down and there were bargain bins and so forth, but ultimately, porn was more expensive and you had to seek it out with more effort than you do now.

Once DVDs came along, tapes were gradually phased out, and lucky for us, DVDs were more affordable for purchase. DVDs started booming around the same time that the Internet was increasingly integrating itself into our daily lives (the late '90s). While mainstream movies on DVD were flourishing, adult DVDs might not have profited as well due to Internet porn which most of us quickly figured out is one of the main blessings of the Internet.

Stepping back into now, I see a lot of porn DVDs for sale online, but a many of them seem to be mere compilations of material that is already offered online at member-based websites. So what's the incentive to buy these DVDs when you can download the material onto your computer? Since so many people these days use their computers for virtually everything (gaming, movies, tv, porn, etc.), I can't imagine that adult DVDs are going to survive terribly long. If there was some added benefit that was obvious to the consumer, that would help, but there really isn't. The picture quality might be better on DVD versions of online amateur porn, but not significantly. With high definition windows media format and MPEG-4 which are the two most common formats for Internet porn, the quality is comparable.

Myself, I don't agree with most of modern man that we should put everything into our computers. I like to have my movies on my home entertainment system with studio-produced DVDs (I hate downloading crappy versions of great movies). I like to watch TV on, well ya know, a fucking television! I like my music to come from CDs that I play in my CD player. In other words, I still believe that all media devices have their place and it isn't necessary to cram them into one super uber mega computer. I don't mind having different tools that do different things. But new generations aren't being conditioned to think that way, and since most of them do everything on the Internet, I can't imagine they're going to buy porn DVDs for high prices, can you?

I know a fair number of webmasters who have online DVD porn shops, and many of them agree with me that porn DVDs are probably on their way out sooner than we think. Sales are declining and the interest seems to be dwindling. While I curse the day that we will have to download theatrical films in order to see them, I'm all for discontinuing porn DVDs as long as what is offered online has good picture and sound quality. I can't think of a good reason to pay $60 for one 90-minute DVD when I can get a whole archive of stuff from a website for $20 over the passage of a month. The competition is easily resolved.

I think the only way porn DVDs will prosper is if companies create them with exclusive material that is not available anywhere else. In the old days, home video or the local whack shack was it. Now, there's too much material out there going head to head, so DVDs that only offer recycled material that is available elsewhere just isn't going to fly for very long. Defiant Productions is a good example of extremely hot erotica that is only available on DVD. But even so, how long will consumers be willing to pay for them until they just accept whatever is easier to get their hands on at home? I will be interested to see how it all unfolds. In the meantime, if you're a porn DVD collector, stock up, buttercup. Their days are numbered!



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