Corbin Fisher drops DRM

You may be aware of DRM. It stands for Digital Rights Management, and it theoretically protects membership site content from being stolen and used on other sites. You may have encountered it in porn sites before. Movies protected by DRM cannot be watched without your Media Player acquiring a license, and usually you need to input your username and password again, wait a few seconds and click a play button in the middle of your player.

Well, lately some of the most high quality sites that use DRM have been dropping it. First it was Corbin Fisher that announced their site would no longer use DRM. They also wanted to make sure that potential members realize that any movies they download are theirs to keep - as it says on their join page "DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS are viewable after membership expires".

Here are two of the most common issues people have with DRM. One - when the license expires, you can no longer watch the movie. That usually means that when your membership to a site expires, the videos you saved will no longer play. The other issue is that Mac users can't watch movies that use DRM at all.


No more DRM at Buzz West

Now, DRM can be used so that the license is permanant. A few sites give lifetime licenses - although most don't - but even so, a few PC users and all Mac users are unable to watch the videos.

The next site to drop DRM was Berlin Male and Berlin Casting and discovered that their videos also no longer use DRM. And more gay site webmasters are saying that they are working to remove DRM from their sites.


Berlin Male drops DRM quietly

So what does this mean to us as porn site members? Well, it means that Mac users and some PC users won't have problems watching the videos. It also means that when you download a video, it's yours to watch forever - even if your membership expires. And no more waiting for each license to be acquired so you can finally click "Play". Is removing DRM from porn site videos a good thing for members? I'd say a resounding "Yes!"

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