If there's one thing porn stars Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout hate, absolutely hate, it's gender inequality; especially when it comes to men dancing in videos. After all, as Chip notes, even though his videos are routinely pulled from YouTube for their purported male sexiness, not a single 'My-sister-making-me-hot-to-rape-her' video has been pulled. The inhumanity! Of course, it could be that there are no dancing 'My-sister-making-me-hot-to-rape-her' videos. Well, there is one now but how it got there is a story for another time.

So Chip, who wasn't about to take this laying down (unlike other things which he has taken laying down), decided to employ his friend Reese Rideout and started a campaign last September which he rightfully called the 'Dancing For Gender Equality' campaign. Its only demand? That it - and any future or viewer-generated video - not get pulled from YouTube. That's right. In addition to the immense pleasure you'll get from watching two, young muscular guys gyrating in crotch-defining shorts, they ask that you help grow this into a worldwide movement and help send a message to moralists and anti-equal genderists the world over: You can pull but you can you dance? (No, but seriously, they really are encouraging men to make and then submit their very own 'Dance For Gender Equality' videos. See below for details.)

Putting aside abilities and willingness for a second, it's not surprising at all, btw, that Chip asked Reese to join him, given their shared small, furry animal fetishes (see Chip's here and Reese's here). I mean, if that's not a male bonding thing, what is? And while they should both be noted for their abilities, Reese, in particular, seems to be preternaturally gifted at the Booty Shake. In fact, his synchronization is downright uncanny.

Well, what are you waiting for? The revolution has begun! Go! Dance! Submit!

Via: Bilerico.com

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