What a nice looking blog. The Daily Purge is a Podcast coming out of Chicago and seems to put out quite a few different types of media. There is the Podcast/Radio Show itself, the actual blog, and a newletter which is available on the blog. The writing is very well done throughout the whole site and if you're heavily into half naked cute twinks then the blog may be your favourite spot before long. The Daily Purge is a brand new resource but seems to have a lot friends, already evident from the "Links" page. I only spent a little bit of time on the most recent Podcast but it sounds as though these guys have things together. Some pretty funny stuff and they sure have the voice personalities for radio. If you're ever looking for something a little different, want to hear what's going on in the Chicago area, or just need some cool music in the background during a web surf, click on "The Daily Purge" and have some fun.

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