The Daily Jack labels itself as "the official blog of Fleshjack, the #1 selling gay sex toy in the world." For those new to Fleshjack, it is a masturbation device that fits very snugly around a cock and is used to jerk off with. It also has plenty of uses among friends together and suffices as an excellent toy most hard cocks really enjoy. For those who watch gay porn, the Fleshjack is no surprise - it shows up all over the place in videos where guys use it together or on one another. What the blog does, now, is feature just that - guys using the Fleshjack, together, in groups, or on themselves. Nor are these nobodies featured in this hot blog. There are celebrities as well, just not using the Fleshjack. But tube videos from Randy Blue and from other sites feature devices the Fleshjack people have put together - the Icejack, for example. In the end, this would be a smoking hot blog, complete with plenty of insertions, cocks and loving, even without the ads. And, frankly, even with the ads, it makes for one hotass site. There is cum in them there windows, boys, with huge cocks and big balls and lots of it all!

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