the complete bear

When you run a gay porn site, you're always on the hunt for new, fresh men. So my travels take me all over the Web. Most gay porn blogs focus on jocks and young guys, so it's not always easy for us lovers of hairy men to find the kinds of men who make us hot. I thought I'd share some of my finds with you and hopefully steer you in a hairy direction.

The Complete Bear is a goldmine. It's nicely and cleanly designed, and devoid of those rustic browns that bear-site owners think they always have to use. And while there are naked men on this site, The Complete Bear is more than a bear porn site - it's a bear portal. Their calendar section lists bear events happening over the next year, so you can plan your vacations accordingly. There's a shopping section that boggles the mind with the amount of products out there aimed at the hairy man market. Did you know that they make shampoo especially for beards? They even have a coffee table that is a black bear (I'm talking about the animal here) lying on his back with his legs up the air and supporting a glass table top. Who knew they even made this stuff?

The Complete Bear has a business directory of services and companies of interest to, or operated by bears. And there's a directory of bear clubs around the world, so you can connect with other hirsute communities. And yes, they've got bear porn, too. One of my favorite features is their Woof of the Day, where they bring us a new hot, hairy man every day. Hey, I even noticed some Butch Dixon men in there, so you know they've got good taste! :)

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