There is probably some sort of existential pun that needs to be here. Some twist or irony-y thing about the interviewer turned interviewee. But, well, nope. Nothing more needs to be said if you are at all familiar with the Cock 2 Go radio show hosted on RadioDentata.com. But just in case you're not, Cock 2 Go is hosted by the master of ceremonies, Jayson, a vivacious, very funny and very plainspoken Midwesterner who spends time with each of his subjects in a "The View"-ish sort of way. Only a lot gayer.

And when he's not chatting it up with anyone and everyone in the gay porn business (including yours truly) he's the marketing guru for the ginormously popular Cam4.com which means a lot of fucking porn. I had the chance to ask Jayson some questions last week and here's what he had to say about life, liberty and the pursuit of porn stars without being issued an eight-digit number from the county Sherriff's office.

Victor H: Jayson, tell us a little bit about what you do. You wear several hats for a few different projects. What are you doing now that you're most excited about?

Jayson: I am most excited about the radio project. I love the station I do the show for @RadioDentata. What I love is that I am free to do and say whatever, and I do. I love having the opportunity to meet and get to know some really great people. Plus I get to talk sex and watch naked guys; research is a bitch let me tell you.

Victor H: Where did you get your instincts to interview people? Why did you feel you had what it took to get people to talk to you? Or are you just one of the guys who'll go to any lengths for free porn?

Jayson: I just like to talk. I like to ask questions. I like to get to know people. I'm the type of person who always has something to say. At times you might want to say to me "Shut the hell up." So interviewing people perfect for me. In the beginning when I started doing the show I wanted to be all "news lady" like, with awesome hair and wardrobe. Now I am just me because it's hard being someone else. Now I do still have awesome hair and wardrobe.

Victor H: How do you decide what to ask? What's the most surprising thing you've heard from all the people you've talked to?

Jayson: Stalk a porn star 101: Get to know porn stars by reading porn blogs. Check their social networking sites they are on. If they have a blog then you see pictures and videos. Let's not forget Google, the best stalking tool on the net. My interviews are not really about porn. They are about the person who does it. What interests me is what are they like as people and it amazes me when I find a guy who does porn but is shy in real life. True story, I wanted to interview a very well known porn star. We emailed back and forth and he finally told me he was just too nervous to do it, he was that shy.

Victor H: Who has been your most fascinating interview and why? Was that person able to tell you anything about yourself when it was completed? If so, in what ways?

Jayson: My most fascinating interview is the porn industry. Through my guests I am learning that the industry is not what I thought. I thought glamorous, sex filled, and non-stop partying. Not so, you have to work hard today. You are competing with other hot guys so you have to always promote. So you're filming scenes, doing live events, and promoting. It's like with anything in life; hard work gets you places.

Victor H: What was the most difficult interview you've had? (Besides mine.)

Jayson: The hardest would be when guys do not talk much. They give me short answers. I have also learned it is not easy to talk about yourself. I thought everyone would run off at the mouth about what they are doing. In my head while I am talking with them I'm like "WTF".

Victor H: You have a large following on Twitter for the gay porn industry (close to 3000 followers). What does one do with that tribe?

Jayson: I love twitter. I have met some really great people on there. I also love twitter because that is where I learn about up and coming porn stars. I want to thank everyone that follows me, RT's my stuff, and talks to me I appreciate it. @cock2go is my home on the net. We will call it mother earth.

Victor H: You've been in the trenches now for a while. What's your impression of the gay porn landscape? How has it changed since you've started? What do you see down the road in, say, in the next five years as far as the climate? What is the Millennial generation watching? How do you market gay porn to a generation raised on tube sites?

Jayson: The future of porn....shakes magic 8-Ball...since you're competing with free, you really have to give people what they want. You have to listen to your fans and grow that audience. Stop giving people what you think they want. I would like to know what kind of market research porn companies do. Someone looking to make a name for themselves I always suggest posting pictures and videos on amateur sites. Grow that audience so many guys have been found on social networking sites. So much content is produced very quickly that to be a long-term player you need content, content, and content so that means actors. Any good business gives their customers what they want; do that and you have a future.

Victor H: I know it's sort of cliché but is anyone paying for porn?

Jayson: Those companies doing something different than the mainstream world will always be making money. I love the urban porn market. I think that industry is doing great things. That market is so fan-base driven. I have met the best stars, bloggers, and production companies. Listen to your customers, give them what they want, and profits roll in.

Victor H: What's your attraction to pornography? Are you satisfied with that choice?

Jayson: I like sex, I like porn, and I like it dirty, so porn was a natural for me. I will keep doing it until I become bored and it no longer interests me. I also like that when people find out what I do, they have so many questions and I become popular, and who doesn't like that?

Victor H: And, finally, what is your favorite vegetable?

Jayson: Excellent question. Most people do not know about my love of gardening. Every year I plant cock, balls, and ass. I think it's important to keep the world very green,and who doesn't like fresh produce?

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