The Chicago Den

The Chicago Den is the "Midwest's Fetish Newspaper" - online, of course. It has the appearance of a news blog with articles and photos, and looks like a great resource for all fetish fans, whether you are in USA or not. There's a calendar of events and you can send in your own listings. (And there's a lot going on!) It hosts a classified section and an advertising department, videos and galleries, and around the edges of the pages are links and adverts for other sites and places of interest.

The site started in 2001 as The Midwest Ursine, a bear magazine covering news and events for the bear fetish in the area. It grew to encompass more areas, take in more places and become the Great Lakes Den by 2003. Since then it has expanded again to take in the pansexual fetish community, too. So from small cubs do mighty bears grow, but this Den is now open to all fetishists from all areas, though it remains mainly focused on the Chicago and Midwest area. I noticed that they are keen to employ local writers and reporters, so if you have the enthusiasm and skills, then check out the newspaper/blog and see how you can contribute.

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