Ever wanted to rent a butler who walks around with next to nothing on? Of course, he would be buff as hell and have all that a true hunk requires. The Cheeky Butler provides this service for you in the event you're serious about it. To see what these total hotties will look like while cleaning and serving you in your home, be sure to check out the "Galleries" section. It takes quite the stud to look great in nothing but a bowtie and apron. These guys certainly don't disappoint. It seem as though the site still needs some updates, but as far as showing us what we'll get for our buck and the beefcake which is available for your sexy parties, you'll find all you may need. Easy navigation and a simple, yet elegant and attractive design make this a professionally fun site indeed. Let's not forget about the gorgeous men who could be walking around in your living room showing off their assets either. He He.

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