the brides brother

Hugo and Monica are getting married. However, there are always stories to tell about the night before the wedding when the groom and his buddies head off for one last celebration of bachelorhood. When Ben Brown, the groom's future brother-in-law heads into the office of the family business, he finds Hugo tied up and semi-nude.

Huge begs Ben to let him loose. But Ben has something else in mind. Ben is a hunky man, very handsome with a full beard. He's been eying his brother-in-law and always thought about how much fun he could have with him, always wondering just what kind of package this stud was hauling in his pants. With Hugo sitting in his underwear, Ben has his answer: a giant bulge tempting Ben's eyes. The handsome stud decides to take advantage of the situation. Ben gets down on his knees and starts licking Hugo's formidable bulge. Soon all thoughts of the wedding are tumbling out of Hugo's head.

Ben fishes out Hugo's big tool and slobbers all over it. And when he releases Hugo from his restraints, Hugo bends his brother-in-law over the desk and gets his ass ready for a good, hard fucking. And Hugo's going to have the last laugh, he drives his big dick forcefully between Ben's plump butt cheeks and fucks him hard. This is going to be one fuck he remembers. Head over to Men at Play and check out the first part of this wedding series. I'm sure wondering where this is all going to end up.

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