The Boy Rook

The Boy Rook is a really interesting bit of writing and self-experience, chronicling the evolving interests and experiences of a true "sub". In fact, his "About" line goes as follows: "This blog is how I explore my darker sides. I'm a sub, a servant, a boy, a pup, a kinkster. I have my shit together in day to day life, but I long to serve, to give up control. I'm new to this, but eager to learn.." This is a younger business guy - self-employed and obviously successful. He has a mate of 5 years who he adores. What this interesting blog represents are his explorations within certain parameters, which his "better half" actually allows. It gets extremely hot. He has a writing gift and it shows as he runs down meeting others and the delightfully naughty entertainments they undertake. He has a few limits, including wrapping the "package" - always - and is sensible in discussing how he became so enraptured with being dominated and used. He describes a set childhood fantasies involving kidnap scenario's which seem to have followed him to now. The most intriguing parts of this blog, however, are the actual events. As a BDSM blog, this one has details of emotions and sensations that are difficult to find laid out quite so intelligently and openly. Frankly, this blog is one of the hottest blogs I've seen about BDSM and its role in a man's life.

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