The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him The Boss Gets What's Cumming To Him

Over at the CMNM office's this week, the boss, Stewart, is one nasty bastard. Not only is he an arsehole to work for, but he's also cheating on his wife with the big-titted girl from Accounting - and to top it off, he also treats the male employees like shit!

Today we catch up with him marching thru the office corridors barking out orders to the left and right, demanding that all his employee's cow-tow to his every command. But two of the guys in Accounting are good friends with the lass Stewart's been fucking, and she's shared all the intimate details of his extra-marital affair, and the lads decide to have a bit of fun at Stewart's expense!

So today, when he comes into the Accounting Office, they are ready and waiting for him - armed with video evidence of his sexual indiscretions they set out to teach him a lesson in humility. Before Stewart knows what hit him, the Accounting lads have him in their clutches and they threaten to expose his affair to his wife unless he allows them to do whatever they please. They start to strip him - naturally Stewart protests, but they just ignore him and once his shirt is off, one starts to sniff his armpits. They make him pose and show off his muscular arms, and then they remove his trousers and start sniffing his crotch. Poor Steward's cock has a mind of its own and, amazingly, starts to get hard! The lads keep toying with Stewart's crotch, groping his cock and balls until they finally pull down his underwear and expose his hard uncut cock to full view!

One of the lads, who are both still fully dressed in suit and tie, strokes the cock of the now totally naked Stewart, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of the hard penis; meanwhile his buddy sniffs Stewart's smelly underwear. Then the guys take some photographs of their now naked and humiliated Boss for their growing collection - just to ensure Stewart really learns his lesson and gets what's cumming to him!

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