The Boing! Show

Leave it to NYC nightlife impresario Daniel Nardicio to think up a gay game show in which hairless twinks do stunts in their undies. In fact, on The Boing! Show, everyone is in their underwear, including the audience! Nardicio, in collaboration with Dirty Boy Video, hosted and produced the lighthearted online show in a studio in Brooklyn. Cute contestants JT, Aiden (this Cher fan from Syracuse is our personal fave), Andrew and Paul battle it out, competing in various physical challenges, some of which leave them soaking wet! There's the ever-popular "balloon bust," in which the guys have to pop balloons using only their hot bodies. Little do they know that the balloons are filled with Boing! Show slurry (sorta like gay green slime)! They also eat "bubblegum pie" (get to the bottom and blow) and catch Ping-Pong balls in their briefs (ouch!). It's all crazy, kooky and good clean (faggy) fun. To watch the episode, visit And to enter the inspired madness of DWorld, go to

The Boing Show - game show guys in their underwear

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