TheBlackSpark.jpgNot since Cher squeezed her way into a pair of bespeckled jeans during her third-to-last 'Final Farewell Tour,' has there been this much self-generated buzz about the don't-call-it-gay-porn movie company, Black Spark Films. (See a brief Q & A with the Black Spark here.)

Apparently, in a very well-crafted publicity move, the minds behind Black Spark Films will tour the good ole U. S. of A., corralling actors and volunteers alike to play parts for an unspecified 'project' that, by its very nature, feeds off itself making it intriguing and organic, like an old Asian lady shouting for you specifically to buy her herbs at the local farmer's market.

But, as we've noted in the past, Black Spark Films - like Rock Hudson and Copernicus before them - is capturing imaginations the world over (if the Facebooks are any guide) and with maps and symbols and enough splashiness on a Google Map to possibly capture at least some prize:

we're hoping that whatever this PR Juggernaut amounts to, it continues to show a newness and, more importantly, playfulness in a medium that is as desperately in need of a narrative makeover as this one is. Here's a clip, btw, of a recent video that BPF shot called "The Wilhelm Scream" and performed by James Blake. It's quite enigmatic and certainly gives new meaning to "smokey." Were you expecting something else?

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