the bigger cock the better

Most gays' mouths start to water as soon as they see a cock over 7 inches long. There is just something about a big cock that turns almost anyone on. Could it be that a big penis is so hard to find (pun intended) or could it be that bigger is actually better?

You see enormous cocks everywhere, porn movies, dildos and even at the gym! The message we seem to be getting is that the bigger the peen the better your sex life will be.

You have heard size queens going on about how they NEED a huge cock in order to fill their salacious cravings (A.K.A cavernous hole & mouth) and how anything below 8 inches will simply not do. But in my humble experience (o.k., who am I kidding?) I have cum to the conclusion that having a huge prick, anything over 7inches, up your ass is more "ouch" than 'ohhh!"

Is having a throbbing 9 incher up your backdoor an acquired taste or can any gay stretch to that limit? I was talking to a friend last night, who told me that a huge cock was nice to suck but would never let it in his "sugar walls."

So c'mon my fellow gays - now it's your turn to voice your opinion on your favourite topic, cock. Answer the age old question us fags have been asking since we could bend over and stuff a peen up our arse... is bigger really better?

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