A few years ago, when most of us were on dialup, most porn was pics for the simple reason that the videos were either too low quality to bother with or because we didn't have the patience to download good quality movies. But things have changed. Now most of the internet is on broadband and movies are king. And it's understandable - seeing and hearing a guy as he moans and shoots his load certainly brings sex to life.

Yet there are still sites out there like Hung Big Contest that don't offer videos at all and there are still men buying memberships to see the guys - even though they know there are no movies. There are also sites like Slave Lads where they do have videos, but they take a second place to the photo content. So it seems to me that photo content is far from dead - in fact, some of us prefer it to videos!

Of course, most of us have run into reality porn sites where the only pics offered are vidcaps - that is, videos taken from the actual movie rather than shot with a camera. And vidcaps tend to be grainy, blurry and sometimes you can't tell whether a guy is getting his ass fucked by a big dick or whether you're looking at someone's knee. While this kind of pics can be good for previewing the movies, they're not very sexy.


But there are sites like Men at Play where they only use vidcaps - but they're pretty good quality vidcaps. And the guys are so hot that I don't seem to mind if the pics aren't quite as good as they could be.

There is something to be said for pics. Okay, they don't move but a good pic - one well lit that captures the action exactly has something to be said for it. And a set of pics that is well lit, each pic a good size and quality allows each moment during a blowjob or jackoff scene to have the highlights captured at their very best.

On the other hand, there are sites out there that don't offer pics at all - not even vidcaps. One of my favorites is Gay Video Box and its straight counterpart, Video Box . These sites offer really good quality movies and plenty of them. You can see almost any kind of action from footjobs to bondage to good old fashioned fucking. But what you can't see is pics because they don't offer them. Still, for video lovers, a site like this isn't missing anything - it has everything they want.


My favorite sites are sites like FratMen and New York Straight Men . They offer both good quality exclusive videos AND good quality photos, not just vidcaps. There's plenty of action, whether members want to see stills or movies, they don't have to choose. And isn't getting the kind of porn we want one of the best reasons to surf the internet?

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