bad lieutenant

Lieutenant Vince Ferelli can be a mean fucker when he's got a bug up his ass. He finds private Spencer Reed cleaning up and decides he's going to have some fun with this hunky and hairy soldier. He's seen Reed's dick swinging in the showers - it's big and meaty - and Ferelli's been wanting a crack at this stud's hot, muscled ass. Ferelli pulls rank on Reed and makes the soldier do push-ups and sit-ups. Then the lieutenant ties up Reed and sucks his cock. Ferelli puts the soldier down on all fours and starts rimming his hole. "I'm going to fuck that pretty ass of yours, soldier," Ferelli grunts.

And while Ferelli's got his face buried between those beautiful butt cheeks, he doesn't notice that Reeds been loosening the ropes. The private breaks free and jumps Ferelli. Now the lieutenant is going to get a taste of his own medicine. The private restrains his superior and flogs his beefy, bare ass. Red welts blaze across those round, firm butt cheeks. Reed ties a heavy weight to Ferelli's balls and makes the lieutenant crawl around the floor, dragging the weight behind him.

And now that he's got the lieutenant in line, Reed lies him back on a bench, puts a ball gag in his mouth, and hoists his legs in the air. Then Reed pummels the lieutenant's ass. He drives his stiff cock into Ferelli's tight, puckered hole, ignoring the lieutenant's pleas for mercy. Reed knows he's going to catch hell when he lets Ferelli free, so he's going to make this worth his while. Bound Gods has a free preview of this sweaty military scene, head over there and check it out.

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