For those of us who are always on the lookout for literature - be it gay erotica or otherwise, we know that the good stuff is hard to find. This is changing somewhat of course, but it's still a long way from perfect. Matt is your webhost and is a writer himself. He felt that the only way to truly show off his work was to put it up online. He opened up the site to others who wanted to contribute. Thus, the site has grown into quite the collection of fine, well written works. There are also other options as well - join the forum and/or sign up for your own free webhosting where you can show off your stuff from a supplied subdomain. While literotica is most welcome, all niches of textual expertise are accepted. So if you're funny, smart, horny, profound, or just plain weird, you could have a home for some of your writing. The site is easy to navigate and provides fairly large text so you don't have to squint in order to read everything. Be sure to check out the links section and get some good reading done. I did.

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