The Asian Male

The Asian Male brings you photography by Norm Yip, a photographer who has published a couple of books of his work. The site started out as a personal project by him as he wanted to photograph the Asian male, from an artistic perspective you, understand. The results are charming, fascinating and very evocative. He captures some very handsome guys, but is not necessarily going for anything other than portraiture. You can read the posts and notes he has made with each photo, and you can see that he responds to comments from viewers. There was one, for example, who clearly wanted to see more Asian cock; the reply was that Norm doesn't usually go in for that kind of photo but he is (was) working on a full frontal nudity book. That's surely something to keep an eye out for. This is a site that will be of interest to photographers, anyone who likes discovering new work, and anyone who likes to view handsome Asian men. You are also going to find links to Asian male magazines, to other guys who share your interest, and to other photo and Asian sites of interest.

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