The Art of Telemarchus is a great example of 3D possibilities, mixed with an avid, sexy imagination. The author, the London-based Dave, has developed an interesting style, replete, of course, with images from ancient Greek characters, among others. Naturally, I suspect he has some images of people he knows as well - friends or maybe acquaintances who stir his vivid imagination. We get a number of more modern, fantastical images as well - a Space Soldier, military men and we also get many scenes involving some sexy acts of intimate gay male behavior. It is all very naughty and somehow more erotic for its cartoon nature. These images are close to perfect, like many 3D artists, but Dave uses a level of supple sexuality which courses through and makes this unique to his personal style. His blog is terrific in displaying links and galleries of other like-minded artists, plying their skills in the 3D format also. It is a rich blog, full of well-written stories, wonderfully erotic galleries and some personal appeals for more interaction with those who like his blog. Very up-front, this blog is a nice place to travel and spend some Eye Candy time.

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