the art of Michael BREYETTE is just a sumptuous visual feast featuring an artist who is not only terrific at what he does, but who is also surprisingly approachable and public. Michael presents his interesting biography inside the website. Its most notable fact is that art was something he toyed with from an early age and which really took off once he put himself and his productions online. He went from having a day job and doing his art when he could squeeze it in to a successful career as an artist in demand. His approachability lies in the fact that he does commissioned work for those who ask and that he invites contacts to that end. This obviously means he will take on a contract to draw those who ask and that he will render his own interpretation for the fee.

One also gets the sense that Michael is also extremely involved with this site, per se. The notes he writes and his commentary is honest and personal. He invites questions, for example and answers them. Of interest to Gaydemon, of course, is also the fact that he is involved with a mate - a male - with whom he seems more than happy. A part of his personal tale involves his desire to draw gorgeous men but whom he had to hide behind some amazing female figures. I suppose it is a testament to our times and our social progress that he can now devote himself totally to men and their beauty. His pastels are sensuous and evocative, with details to die for. Even his black and whites are tremendously beautiful. The site shows a huge quantity of his work and we should be enormously grateful for it. I suspect his star is still rising in the overall art world.

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