Art Of Male Masturbation

We are developing a craft into a fine art at The Art Of Male Masturbation, a site that is all about... well, you can probably guess. But this isn't your run of the mill solo jerk-off site, or even a blog that's about promoting porn sites with images and sample videos. This site goes further than that; it's a bit like erotica with a brain, or porn with class. There are, for example, articles and information about historical figures of a gay persuasion, about sculpture and sexual identity. There are thoughts and writings from our main author about other writers and artists, and his philosophy around masturbation and what it is all about.

But if that sounds or gets to cerebral for you, then you can rest assured that there are also nice pics celebrating gay love and the wank. Although to put it like that doesn't sound right when you view the blog itself, and to think of it as a standard blog about the 'wank' doesn't do it justice. It is stylish, it does have some nude and even hard-cock shots, but it is mainly about celebrating male beauty in photographic art, while discussing male sexuality. And I have to say it all works very well and it's a pleasure to read.

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