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Back in October I introduced you to my tutorial series on the art of cock sucking. In that first post I encouraged you to pay attention to the signals your partner is giving you. He'll let you know - or he should - through his moans and groans what feels good.

So today I thought I'd talk about technique. The art of giving good head is to make sure that you're using lots of technique. I've had guys jump on my cock and they immediately start pumping away like we're doing a sprint. First of all, as a cocksucker, you just can't sustain that momentum for very long; and second of all, I never really find that kind of cock sucking a turn-on.

A man's cock is the center of his universe and you should show him how much you love it. And the key to giving a man a blowjob that he'll remember is to play it like a long, slow symphony, building him up to that final moment when you're trying to get his balls to unload. This guy from Chaos Men is clearly loving this head session. He can't take his eyes of this cocksucker as he slides his mouth all over this guy's big cock.

sucking cock

I like to start things off slowly. I explore a guy's cock with my lips and tongue, licking, sucking, kissing, and teasing. I notice how the guy's cock responds and what he likes. Some guys like you to focus on their cock head, others like feeling their dick pressed down your throat. Remember, you're not in a race here; the more time you spend worshiping this guy's cock, the hotter he'll get. And sucking cock is game; you have to figure out with your mouth what this guy really likes. Think of a blowjob as an exploration rather than a project with a goal.

When I settle in to suck a guy's cock I try to think about giving him an experience where the next time he sees me on the street, he pops a boner just remembering it. Or maybe he drags me home for an encore - better yet.

Some lovingly long and slow pumps in your mouth will get him hard, and once erect, you can start exploring what kinds of things he likes. In the early stages of giving head, I always hold a guy's cock, I look at it, I tell him how much I love it. A guy likes thinking that he's got the best cock in the world. I kiss it and lick it. I hold it hard and rub it up and down on my tongue. Then when he thinks I'm just going to tongue tease him, I dive in and deep throat him. And he groans loudly. Then when he thinks he's gotten everything I got, I flex my throat muscles around his cock head.

The thing about pumping hard on a cock is that, yes it feels good, but if that's all you're giving a guy he knows what to expect. He eventually dump his load, but it may take a while. If you keep him guessing about what you're going to do that'll make it more exciting for him. If he thinks you're going to going all the way down on his cock and you don't, it'll be all the more exciting the next time when you finally do.

sucking cock

Varying this slow and fast technique will drive your man crazy. When you're pumping hard and you feel like he's getting close, you hold back and cool him down with some slow moves. Build him back up. This man isn't going to cum until you're ready to let him. And when he does, you may end up in his top ten hottest blowjobs.

Chaos Men has a series of servicing videos where a guy is blindfolded and bound to a chair, then some expert cocksucker gives him head. Watch some of these videos and study the technique, you'll be able to add some of these techniques to your own bag of tricks.

If you missed my first tutorial, you can catch up here: The Art of Sucking Cock.

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