It is awfully easy for a porn viewer to not give any thought or notice to how a shot is framed. When most porn hounds see something hot on their screen, they say, Wow nice dick or Check that ass! Rarely do they say, Golly Bob, I really like where the camera is placed in that shot so you can see every vein in that dick or ooo, a zoom shot! But even though the average viewer doesn't think about this, framing and camera movement and perspective is an important part of any video production. It essentially determines what you see, what you don't see, and how objects appear to us (which may be skewed depending on the framing).

A typical example of how a shot can be made or slayed is the ever-popular and all-powerful cum shot. Do you prefer to see a nice frontal medium shot in which you can see the dude's face when he cums, or do you prefer a tight close-up so it feels like you're right down there in that crotch? Or would you prefer a profile shot so you can see what the action looks like as if you were sitting right next to the dude on the couch? Perhaps you'd prefer a POV (point-of-view) shot from the model's perspective so that it feels like you're standing right behind him? In the old classic days of porn-on-film, cum shots were often filmed with multiple cameras at varying angles, so a typical cum shot could last a couple of solid minutes intercutting back and forth between 2 to 5 angles. This delivers maximum intensity and gives the viewer a wide range of perspective. But porn is rarely shot in this manner anymore. At the most, we might get a 2-angle cum shot, and even that is uncommon now. This makes the cum-shot decision- making more important than ever. If we only get to see it once from one angle, then it better be a hot one, right?

Another example of how framing can ruin a shot is when a director or cameraman is not paying attention to what he's doing. Consequently, obstructions can get in the way, such as when a model puts his hand in the wrong place so it blocks the action, or when two guys kissing have their heads turned the wrong way so you can't see their faces. How 'bout dudes with long, shaggy hair that keeps dropping into their faces and blocking the oral action? Smart directors give guidance on such matters; lazy or unobservant directors don't.

Sometimes the camera can be poorly placed for cock shots that result in large penises looking smaller or deformed. Case in point, one should never place the camera in a profile overhead shot for jackoff action. This inevitably puts a warped perspective on the shot and tends to make a penis look bent and unimpressive. I've seen far too many cum shots from this angle, and they always disappoint. On the other side of the coin, if you need to make an average dick look more impressive, there are key areas to place the camera to deliver that effect, such as right at the base of the cock near the balls for a low angle shot that looks up and produces a towering effect. The closer you get to that dick, the bigger it's gonna look'but for God's sake, keep the fuckin' camera focused!

There is more to capturing porn than simply turning on a camera and moving it around. To create truly effective imagery, care must be taken in the planning and the execution. A photographer who takes misframed, crooked pictures ain't gonna have much of a career in photography. While it's true that lots of lousy pornmakers make a living at it, the sloppier their work is, the less likely it is that any of us will remember it years from now like some of us still remember porn of yesteryear with memorable imagery that resonates. So the next time you're watching a naughty vid, take notice of where that camera is moving and where it isn't moving, what you see and what you don't see, and you might find it fascinating to see what works and what doesn't work visually, and the flaws that directors allow to get by without correcting them. And if you don't find it fascinating, then just have a good time and squirt out a greasy one. That's ultimately what it's all about, eh?



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