The Always Sensational Will West

When it cums to hardcore bareback tops in the gay porn biz, the name Will West always raises eyebrows in lust. For the man is a sight to behold indeed. A long, lean, hairy frame attached to a gorgeous face. Sexy, lustful masterful eyes that stare right into your soul with each shoot he engages in. And last but certainly not least, a big fat, delicious looking cock with some of the best stamina and staying power ever caught on video. HDK Central are the folks showing Will off these days. He's been in the biz for a while now and has mastered the art of fucking an ass raw and filling it with man jizz when he feels like it. What's more, if you love 'em mature, Will is 49 years old, he's in sensational shape and keeps himself that way for our entertainment. Love the cowboy look, too!

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