scott hunter and spencer reed

Spencer Reed is a cocky American and he's stuck in a boardroom with British executive Scott Hunter working on some boring proposal that he doesn't want to be doing. Spencer gets fidgety when he gets bored and he starts tapping his pen on the table. "Do you mind?" Hunter asks. "I find that very irritating." Spencer can't believe his ears. "Are you for real?" he asks. "Oh that's right, you're the American," Scott quips back.

This British executive's snide mouth has suddenly gotten him in a heap of trouble. He finds himself bent over the boardroom table and Spencer whips off his tie and binds Scott's hands behind his back. Then this brutish American rips the ass out of Scott's trousers and discovers this Brit likes to go commando -- all the better because it gives Spencer easier access to this dude's butt hole. Our hairy American fingers the exec's hole, opening it up and getting it ready for his thick cock, then he rams his dick into this snarky Brit's ass and pummels him fast and hard.

Let this be a lesson: When you're staring across the boardroom table at a 6'1" hunk weighing 230 pounds of solid muscle, you might not want to say, "Oh, you're the American." But then again, seeing the way Spencer Reed pounds hole, you might want to add an "obnoxious" in there and make him real mad.

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