That's MISTER App to You!

Hook-up apps are a dime a dozen these days. But once in a while, one catches our jaded eye. It's all about the approach, and MISTER has an interesting one. It's a new mobile app for men who "value strength, masculinity, authenticity and maturity". Sounds good. The press release goes on to say that if you "like the idea of a dating app with less attitude, then download MISTER". Sold! After all, who wouldn't like to find an alternative to all those weak, femmy, fake and immature clods from other cruising apps!?

MISTER is a free social networking and dating app for adult men (over age 30) who are gay, bisexual or curious and looking to meet other guys. Simple, and simply entertaining. And to mark the launch, MISTER, which is affiliated online with, has shot a promotional video featuring NYC nightlife legend Doug Repetti. That's him in the ad, too. We've spied this hairy stud slinging drinks as a bartender in both New York and Provincetown. He's also a talented singer and songwriter. (Check out Doug's clips on YouTube.) Though we hear he might have dated a porn star or two in his time, the built cutie has never taken the plunge himself. So this racy vid clip might be all we get! Well played, MISTER!

To see the scorchy video, click here. For more information, visit And to receive a download link on your phone, text "MISTER" to 86677. Now available for iPhone and Android.

Hairy bartender Doug Repetti

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