Nick has his lips wrapped around what's got to be the thickest piece of man meat I've ever seen, and it looks like he's loving every inch. When Latin Jocks hooked 20 year old Nick up with 23 year old Marcelo, Nick had no idea what to expect. He knew that Marcelo was one hot latin guy, but he had no idea of the monster that lurked in his pants. What he did know was that from the moment they were introduced, there was a lot of heat between them. Marcelo and Nick couldn't wait to get their hands on each other.

Their shoot started out like any porn shoot, with the guys getting comfortable together and doing some dressed pics and video. You can see Nick and Marcelo were very comfortable touching each other from the start.


Once the clothes were off, both Nick and the crew stared in disbelief at how thick and full Marcelo's dick is. But Nick didn't stare for long - he knows a good thing when he sees it, and in no time, he was stretching his mouth around that massive shaft.


Not many people can easily take a cock that thick, but Nick was determined. With lots of lube, and taking it slowly, Marcelo's fat uncut cock penetrated deep inside Nick. Within minutes, Nick was moaning and gasping as he took each powerful thrust!


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