Most folks don't associate porn with the holiday season, but allow me to do so by spending a moment with you to talk about how thankful we should be. I've written many paragraphs before about how the Internet is a mixed blessing, both revolutionary and valuable on one hand, but a detriment and a handicap to society on the other. I've also written about how much lousy stank-ass amateur porn there is which leads us to be financially raped due to our curious tricky dickies. But today, let's rejoice in the good stuff.

Because of the ongoing evolution of the Internet, porn is now easier than ever to obtain in any possible incarnation you can imagine. Forget about the lousy stuff and think about the bijillion collections of fresh, hot, original porn vids or photo collections that make your mouth water and your dick tingle. Think about the many loads you've spent thanks to accommodating twinkies on live cam shows. Consider how easy it is now to get the latest and greatest DVD releases at your fingertips, sometimes in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. I would argue that porn is probably the single biggest and most profitable aspect of the Internet, and it will never stop growing as long we all have penises.

And it doesn't stop there. It used to be that if you wanted to be a porn model, you had to travel to Los Angeles or some other porn mecca and audition with hope and a prayer that you might get selected. Now, it's simply a matter of sending an e-mail to a Webmaster with the requested specs and pics, and if you're hotter than the average warthog, you'll get a gig! This is good for curious boys who want to see what being in porn is like, and extra great for viewers who get to see all sorts of boys from all over the world, fresh and new and untainted by the industry.

Also consider the fact that purchasing porn is far more reasonable dollars and cents-wise than it used to be. Remember the days when X-rated VHS tapes were $60, $70 or $80, and there wasn't any way to buy them cheaper? While it's true that many porn DVDs are still overpriced (ridiculously so, in some cases), the fact is that most of them are also available online for renting or purchasing at a fraction of that price. There are now many, many different methods of acquiring the porn you desire for a price you can handle.

Finally, let's also revel in the thrill of how easy it is now to converse with your favorite porn performers. Thanks to e-mail, online chats with models, etc., you can send naughty love letters to whomever you want, and you may actually get responses! If only it had been that easy a few years ago when legendary porn performers like Joey Stefano or Karl Thomas or Nick Jarrett were in their prime. And if you're an aspiring porn director or producer, you don't have to move to Los Angeles or beg for approval from someone already in the industry. Now it's just a matter of getting your ducks in a row, acquiring a domain and some launch funds, and a-pornin' you will go! The Internet has provided limitless freedom and accessibility in the porn industry, and that is something to be mindful of.

In the spirit of the holiday season, consider giving a little back to the Webmasters and/or producers who have provided you with your favorite porn. A word of encouragement or thanks is always appreciated by conscientious Webmasters, so take a moment to send a little thank you note to those who are responsible for getting you off on lonely nights. And while you're at it, leave a couple of extra cum-flavored cookies out for Santa this year. After all, you've been a good boy, haven't ya?



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