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Southern Strokes is continuing to update their site with videos from their recent roadtrip to Texas, Haigan and Sal are the latest in an outdoor fucking session. One hot Texas afternoon, these two horny studs spent some time in a park to soak up the heat - and create a little of their own.

Haigan is a 21-year-old, straight guy from east Texas. He's very cute, stands 6 feet tall with a chiseled, hard body and a huge 9-inch cock. And Haigan might be straight, but he not opposed to getting his dick serviced by another guy. So Haigan pushes Sal to his knees and stuff his 9-inch meat stick down Sal's throat. He encourages Sal by grabbing the back of his head and thrusting gently - he doesn't want this hungry cocksucker to miss an inch of his big cock.

When Sal's mouth needs a break, he gets on his knees and offers his ass. Haigan likes that idea and doesn't show this cocksucker any mercy. Haigan pounds Sal's ass relentlessly; it's like he's working out some pent up frustration or something. Then he grabs a 12-inch dildo and shoves that up Sal's ass; and if that's not enough, with Sal's ass busting with dick, Haigan manages to stuff his own cock back in there and double fucks this poor butt boy.

Haigan is finally ready to shoot his load and Sal is just about ready to collapse. But he's got one more job to do before he can relax. Haigan stands over Sal and starts jerking his huge cock with intention. He hold's Sal's head and the cocksucker opens up his mouth. And then suddenly Haigan's cock explodes and he pours a thick load of cum into Sal's hungry mouth. While Sal is lapping up the spunk oozing out of Haigan's pulsing tool, he starts shooting his own load. It's a pornographer's dream cum true. I've got to find me a straight boy like Haigan.

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