Tell Three

I saw this and immediately shared it with my Facebook buddies. Tell Three is a site that encourages people, in a very simple way, to tell three people what it means to be LGBT, or what it is like to have loved ones who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered. It's a simple site and comes with very basic instructions, or rather advice. You will read why it's important to 'spread the word', as it were, though this is not an evangelical website; it's rather understated if anything. It suggests what you could talk about and who you could talk to and it puts its money where its mouth is. Not only will you find a good reason to tell three (at least), but the site also helps and suggests and lets you tell your own story through its pages; there is an email link. And if you're timid about going face to face, you can go face to Facebook, or Twitter or any of the other social networking sites that are linked from the bottom of the home page. Take a look and start telling. I did.

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