Trevor Knight Fucks Jessie Colter with a Telephone  - The Ringing Secretary

You know the economy is bad when we gays have got to start shoving things other than cocks or dildos up our asses. Yes, times are tough but that does not mean we are not going to find new ways to get off, and the folks over at know this probably better than anyone else.

In a new scene just released "The Ringing Secretary" by, we have none other than bottom hunk extraordinaire Jessie Colter and sexy, hung Trevor Knight fucking like the world was coming to an end. Just before Trevor slips his throbbing member inside Colter's ever so hungry hole he decides that a telephone would loosen up that hole real good, and from the looks of the promo pics it looks like the telephone really did do the trick!

Trevor Knight Jessie Colter telephone anal penetration

I don't know how you all feel about shoving strange objects in your ass but I have to say that a telephone is pretty out there, even for my slutty ways. I mean, what if you get a call from mom or grandma and you can't answer the phone 'cos it was up your ass? Try explaining that to dear ol' mom and sweet pie-baking nana. I am sure that there are less... umm... "exotic' ways of getting your ass ready for a deep pounding, but I guess when the going gets tough, the tough get to shoving phones up their asses!

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