Some phrases like, tea with your cake, can really have a double meaning, and believe me, in this case it sure as hell does.

Seriously, what do people have against food like Cake for example? I mean I like Cake, bet most people enjoy it, but in some slang it can refer to a woman's genitals. Now that has sorted of, well, gotten me to rethinking my like for cake. Heck there are a whole slew of terms, dealing with cake and they all have some rather different meanings.

I am a Cake Boy, which I always thought meant that I liked cake. Now if you were to translate that, it would mean a boy who likes a woman's genitals, but boy would that be wrong, because while Cake is a woman's genitals, cake boy is a queer.

Confused yet? I sure am.

Then there is the Kitchen Queen term. Now when I first heard it, I figured it was some gay guy who is the cook, who rules their Kitchen, chasing out wayward guests with a big wooden spoon.

Mind you, my imagination runs off in tangents too, and I thought about some flamer with an apron, a weird shaped dildo Tierra on their head, and wearing nothing else, doing some cooking in a kitchen.

Man was I wrong on that score, as a Kitchen Queen is some one who loves rimming, is an ass licker. Now really, what the hell does that have to do with food?

I wonder, do we use food to denote certain sex acts, because well, we think about both a heck of a lot? I mean according to some studies, we sure do eat a lot, and we do seem preoccupied with sex as well, so is that why we call a dick a banana? Or use phrases like 'peeling his banana' to when we suck on an uncut dick?

Take Tea for instance. Now I like a nice cup of Orange Pekoe tea, but who the hell knew that tea bagging could mean sucking on a guy's testicles? Brings a whole new meaning to dipping the tea bag, don't you think?

Course it doesn't end there either, I mean it is like someone is really stuck on Tea, because there are a ton of 'tea' named sex stuff, that just isn't what you would expect. Heck I always thought a tea room was where one served tea, small little cakes, and you sat around sipping a nice blend of tea, with your little pinkie finger sticking out.

Supposedly it means a men's toilet or public restroom for men, where you go to cruise and pick up one night stands.

Like what do we have against food so much?

In Canada, raisin bag is your scrotum, so like, mine sure as hell isn't that tiny, so why the hell does it become an acronym for one's scrotum?

Cauliflower refers to a woman's genitals? Thank God I am Queer, but I mean is it because we are obsessed with food, or are we subconsciously trying to go on a diet, so we use these food names to discuss sexual body parts, or acts, that we uh don't like, or maybe it is because we do like them?

Oh and just in case you ever ask me if I want some Tea with my Cake, DON'T. I really am not into having piss on some females genitalia.

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