Meet New York Straight Boys' Vito! He's an Italian-American native New Yorker, personal trainer and erotic dancer. One thing Vito gets really turned on by is Tea Bagging, a.k.a - Ball Licking. Most chicks do a half-assed job as he put it. So they unleashed Ben on Vito's sack and by the looks of it Vito was in heaven! Vito squatted over Ben's mouth and let Ben go to town. With this macho Body Builder squatting over his face, we're sure Ben was in heaven too!!

Watch as Ben takes on Vito's sweet meat, sending him on a trip he won't soon forget.


Vito guides Ben's head as he slurps along his tool. Now that I see Ben's face I recognize him alright. He gets featured a lot and always seems to have his mouth locked over a big piece of manhood. Gee...I can't really think of a better way to make a living than that.


That's some hot ass Vito's got eh? Oh yeah. And with Ben on his knees taking the hot man's thick dick it makes this scenario even more alluring. I have this sudden vision of sidling up behind Vito and working his butthole. Do you think he'd mind? He He.


I had to put another pic of Vito's ass in there. How could I not? Fuck that's hot. Perfect buttocks on a pretty well perfect man. New York Straight Men know how to find them and of course they are always welcome to show them off here at Gaydemon. I'm sure you guys appreciate it as much as my throbbing cock does. He He.

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