The first word that came to my mind after watching the latest video at Blake Mason was, "OUCH!". Tristan is such a fucking powerful top and newbie Taz had that expression on his face that just screamed, "pain never felt so good." Taz gets tossed around every which way but loose throughtout the whole video and seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Tristan fingers Taz's ass really well in order to help loosen up the tight butthole he is about to engage in the total domination of. Consider this a video in which powerful Tristan teaches newbie Taz a lesson in getting fucked. Priceless!


Taz is doing his very best to try and get that big cock all the way down his throat. As the old saying goes "try, try again". Tristan helps Taz with this task by giving his a head a little shove now and then.


There's that shot of Taz getting his newbie ass fingered. Love the closeup perspective. Tristan looks as though he's really digging deep too. He knows that it takes some real effort sometimes to open up a new anal buddy,


And now for the moment of truth. Taz seems quite happy with that big dick going up his ass. Gee..I wonder why. LOL. Blake Mason bring us yet another couple of hotties for our stroking pleasure and amusement. These are certainly some hot pics, but the video is even more astounding. You know where to go to see it. Check it.

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