Dan is a 22 year old semi-pro skateboarder from Los Angeles. And Dan is one of the types of guys that drives me crazy. First of all, I love tattooed men. I love how guys choose to express themselves on their bodies and I love looking at the designs and interpreting them. And Dan is covered in tattoos -- up and down one leg, a couple of the other, a fair number of tattoos on his left arm, and a couple of works-in-progress across his flat stomach. I also like piercings, and Dan is pierced through his chin and in both nipples. Dan is also tallish, at 5'11" and he's lean and smooth. Altogether the whole package works for me and he really turns me on. Dan has has a big slab of meat hanging between his legs. This boy's packing a 10-inch cock and it's 6 inches around. That sure is a mouthful. And he's sporting a huge set of bull balls to go along with that big cock, so you know they're going to pump out a nice load all over that smooth stomach of his. Dan brought along his favourite porn and gets right to business. I love watching a guy working his over-sized cock, it dwarfs his hand and you just wonder how quickly his hand gets sore, pumping a big piece of meat like that. He loves playing with his balls with one hand and jacks his big cock slowly with the other. And when he finally gets ready to cum, his whole body tenses up so you can see every muscle and tendon.

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