Tattooed Muscle Man

Til Wegman is one of the latest to join the gang of mature men at Hot Older Male. He's a bit of a mean-looking fucker, but that's right up my alley. Til is 45 years old and weighs a solid 195 pounds. I love how the harness frames his upper chest and shows off his hard pecs, which by the way, are crowned with a couple of huge, hard nipples. His shoulder and back are covered in a swirling and intricate tattoo. The spine of his back is not inked, so this trough of bare skin carries your eye right down to the crack of his ass. Hmmm ... I wonder if he's trying to tell us something. Buried beneath those hard butt cheeks is a hairy fuck hole, which Til happily shows off to the camera. And til has a stubby, fat cock with a huge Prince Albert ring. He's got a great cock, the kind that really fills up your mouth. Til squeezes his foreskin and plays with his Prince Albert and gets his dick really fat and hard. Til loves playing with big sex toys and we'll be getting a preview of that in his upcoming video release.

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