The photographer of Bang Bang Boys picked Julio up in a tattoo shop. Julio was getting some colour added to his tattoos. He's got a pair of dragons, one on each arm and meeting across his chest. They're pretty amazing. Anyway, back to the tattoo parlour. The Bang Bang Boys photographer watched as a shirt Julio was sprawled out on a table and getting some colour added to his tattoos. The photographer ended up chatting up Julio's girlfriend, who was waiting for him. When Julio was finished the photographer asked him about doing a solo vidoe. Julio's girlfriend thought it was pretty cool, so Julio agreed. And thank God he did. What a fucking body. This is so ripped that he's got an eight pack, not a six pack. And those shoulders and arms, fuck, I can just imagine what he looks like when he's supporting himself and fucking. His ass is pretty hot, too, and combined with those massive thighs of his, he's really got some pumping power, I'd say. And this boy is packing a nice piece of meat -- big, thick and uncut. Just the way I like them. When he's only semi-aroused his thick cock just flops across his thigh, but when this muscle man gets hard -- watch out! He's sporting a pretty mean banana curve.

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