Every few weeks Bear Films posts a new man in their photo galleries that just drives me crazy. We're talking about "I'd cut off a pinky toe to have sex with this one" kind of hot. Dean Forest is a 49-year-old tattooed muscle man from Montreal Canada. And he's a scorcher. First of all, I could only hope to look this good when I'm pushing fifty. Dean is sporting a flattop and a full beard and warm and friendly blue eyes. His body is very strong and masculine. His pecs are plump and hard and he's tattooed across both arms, shoulders, and chest. And as he unbuttons his jeans, revealing a NYPD jockstrap, well I just about lose it. I love jockstraps. And I sure wouldn't mind burying my face in Dean's. And he does have a beautiful cock -- long with a deliciously plump cock head. And he likes to keep it all wrapped up in a metal cock ring. To get himself more excited, he wraps his fist around his balls and tugs tightly. And then he sits back in a chair and pumps out a nice load.

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